Intel to launch “Rocket Lake” Xeon W-1300 workstation series –

Intel to launch “Rocket Lake” Xeon CPUs

A listing at ASRock confirms Intel will introduce new workstation CPUs.

Intel Xeon W series will soon be updated with new SKUs featuring Cypress Cove architecture. According to ASRock’s CPU support page, Intel will introduce LGA1200 based Xeon W-13XX series. The website has today been updated with Core and Xeon processors codenamed “Rocket Lake”.

The list features five Xeon W-13XX CPUs, along with their base clocks, cache size, and TDP. Judging from the cache size, there are three 8-core parts planned: Xeon W-1390, W-1390T, and W-1370. Meanwhile, the W-1350 and 1350P would feature 6-cores. So far ASRock has listed only one T-series model – W-1390T – which is a low power (35W) variant of W-1390 debuting at 80W.

This flagship Xeon W part would have a base clock of 2.8 GHz, which is 400 MHz lower than W-1290 based on previous architecture. It would appear that the part will also offer two cores fewer than its predecessor.

ASRock has already updated its motherboard support page, and it would appear that consumer Z490 and H470 motherboards and workstation W480 already support the Xeon W-1300 series with their current BIOSes.

On April 6th Intel will introduce 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable (aka Ice Lake-SP). The workstation W-series could be introduced at the same time.

Source: ASRock via @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

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