Intel roadmap with Alder Lake-S workstation CPUs planned for Q3 2021 has been leaked –

Alder Lake-S already in Q3?

A very interesting leak has just been shared by @9550pro.

It appears that the launch of Intel Alder Lake-S might be much sooner than previously expected. The roadmap that has leaked does not refer to the client ‘Core’ series specifically but rather to the S-Series which are available for both entry workstation and client desktop platforms.

Intel entry-workstation series featuring Alder Lake-S CPUs would appear by the end of Q3 2021, according to this leaked roadmap. The actual source of this roadmap is unknown, but it looks like a meeting with distributors or partners. The roadmap even confirms that 8+8 SKUs will go into production as soon as the 35th week of 2021. The 8+8 refers to the number of high-performance and high-efficiency cores. It would appear that the model with 6 big cores and 0 small crores (6+0) would be manufactured later, starting from the 41st week of this year.

Intel Alder Lake-S details, Source: @9550pro

The leaked roadmap slide confirms that the platform will support a W680 chipset, which is targeted at workstation builds. According to this slide, Intel Alder Lake-S would feature up to 16-cores, which is no longer a surprise to any of our readers. The series would be available TDP ranging from 125W (K-series), 65W to 35W variants. The roadmaps confirm the LGA1700 socket and 20 PCIe lanes available with the platform.

The roadmap is clearly dated, as it lists Rocket Lake-S with its initial launch date in 2020. The series was officially launched only last month, which may also affect the plans for Alder Lake-S. This is however the first leak showing the initial launch schedule for the upcoming 12th Gen Core series. Whether that roadmap has changed, we should know soon enough.

Intel Alder Lake Workstation

Intel Xeon Roadmap, Source: @9550pro

Source: @9550pro

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