Intel Core i9-11900K overclocked to 7GHz at 1.83V –

Intel’s Rocket fueled by liquid nitrogen

Intel Core i9-11900K at 7048 MHz, 1.873V

Intel Core i9-11900K, the flagship CPU of the Rocket Lake-S series, has been overclocked to over 7 GHz, according to the CPU-Z Validation website. Such a frequency was achieved with a massive voltage adjustment to over 1.873 volts. The overclocker signed as ‘Rog-Fisher’ was using ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex motherboard, a model designed for overclockers.

Intel Core i9-11900K @ 7048 MHz, Source: Valid X86

All top 3 overclocking records on the CPU-Z validation website now belong to ROG Fisher:

Intel Core i9 11900K Results

Intel Core i9-11900K Extreme Overclocking, Source: Valid X86

Intel Core i9-11900K at 6500 MHz, 1.7V

Meanwhile, an Indian YouTube channel PC Wale has a video showing the overclocking process of the same processor model but only to 6.5 GHz. This frequency was achieved at a slightly lower voltage of 1.7V voltage.

The overclockers from PC Wale received a custom XOC BIOS from SafeDisk, an overclocker from South Korea who works for ASUS. This version of BIOS unlocks the voltage to up to 2V. A frequency of 6.5 GHz by PC Wale was achieved with the ROG Maximus XIII Hero motherboard.

Unfortunately, since the processor was supplied by Intel, overclockers were not allowed to present any benchmark results. For those, we need to wait till March 30th, when the new series will officially launch.

Intel Core i9 11900K 6.5 GHz

Intel Core i9-11900K @ 6.5 GHz, Source: PC Wale

[PC Wale] 6.5GHz on i9 11900k under liquid Nitrogen with @The TECH Nation & @Gambit Senpai (4,263 views)

Source: Valid X86 via @TUM_APISAK, PC Wale via @momomo_us

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