Intel Core i7-11600H CPU and NVIDIA RTX A5000 GPU spotted in upcoming laptop –

NVIDIA (Quadro) RTX expanding to laptops

NVIDIA also developing mobile (Quadro) RTX graphics cards. 

NVIDIA RTX A5000 is an upcoming professional graphics card for workstations. It has been spotted on Ashes of the Singularity website in a next-gen laptop. The device would also feature a CPU that has not yet been seen in previous leaks.

Not much is known about this laptop workstation card yet, but NVIDIA is likely will adopt the same GPU for desktop and mobile variants. The RTX A5000 desktop is expected to feature GA104 GPU. The exact configuration of the mobile variant remains to be confirmed. AotS website does not provide any details on GPU or memory configurations. What we do know about GA104 GPU si that it offers up to 256-bit memory bus, thus 16GB or 8GB configurations are possible.

Intel Core i7-11600H

A bit more interesting part of this leak is the appearance of the new Tiger Lake-H SKU. This processor has not been listed in any rumored spec lists before so this is indeed the first time we are seeing this CPU. According to the AotS benchmark, the CPU is a 12-thread CPU with a base clock of 2.9 GHz. This is so far the highest base clock from all Tiger Lake-H high-end CPU series (not including 119800HK in 65W mode which is configured to 3.3 GHz). It is worth noting that the software incorrectly reports on 12 cores though.

With i7-11600H included the whole Tiger Lake H-series lineup now features 6 SKUs. There are also three more SKUs from H35-series parts. Intel confirmed that the 11th Gen Core H-series is now scheduled to launch in the second quarter.

RUMORED Intel Tiger Lake H Series Specifications
Core SKUCores / ThreadsBase ClockAll-Core TurboMax 1-Core TurboTDP
Intel Tiger Lake-H
Core i9-11980HK
Core i9-11900H
Core i7-11800H
Core i7-11600HTBCTBC
Core i5-11400H
Core i5-11260H
Intel Tiger Lake-H35
Core i7-11375H
Core i7-11370H
Core i5-11300H

Source: Ashes of the Singularity

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