Intel confirms Discrete Graphics2 (DG2) will offer up to 512 Execution Units –

Intel Discrete Graphics 2 mobile gaming GPU in 5 variants

Intel confirms multiple details on its upcoming DG2 gaming discrete graphics.

Intel has updated its official repository website with details on Intel DG2. Unfortunately, none of those files are accessible. Documents are only available to people who are under NDA (such as system integrators or laptop makers0. What isn’t clear is why the files are easily searchable, revealing some of the details in the process.

Intel confirms 512EU, 384EU, and 128EU variants of DG2

First and foremost Intel confirmed DG2 will launch in three variants: 512 EU, 384 EU, and 128 EU. The EU stands for Execution Units (the main building block for Intel graphics architecture. If there are no significant changes to the architecture, those GPUs would feature 8 shading units per EU. Thus, the 512EU variant might have up to 4096 ALUs (aka cores). The DG2-512EU will have a BGA2660 socket whereas DG2-128EU would require a BGA1379 socket instead.

Intel DG2 Variants

Five DG2 SKUs for laptops

The data also reveals that mobile variants of DG2 will feature five SKUs. The details on those variants are unknown, but there have been rumors that Intel might release 512, 384, 256, 192, 128, and 96 EU variants. Some of those could be for desktops though:

Intel DG2 Notebook2

INTEL DG2 Gaming Graphics Cards
VideoCardz.comGPUShading UnitsMemoryBus
Xe-HPG 512EUDG2-512EU
Xe-HPG 384EUDG2-384EU
Xe-HPG 256EUDG2-384EU
Xe-HPG 192EUDG2-384EU
Xe-HPG 128EUDG2-128EU
Xe-HPG 96EUDG2-128EU

DG2 GDDR6 speed from 14 to 18Gbps

DG2 also confirms that GDDR6 memory support on this GPU will vary from 14 to 18 Gbps. Intel already confirmed Xe-HPG architecture has GDDR6 support, but the company never revealed the maximum speed. Of course, just because the memory subsystem supports speeds up to 18 Gbps, it does not mean that the final product will offer such a speed.

Intel DG2 GDDR6 Speed

DG2 PCIe Add-In-Card

One of the listings also clarifies that the GPU will be available as an add-in card. This means that at least some variants (not clarified which one exactly) will not be soldered onto the motherboard but offered as a separate board instead.

Intel DG2 PCIE Add In Card

Designed for both Tiger Lake-H and Alder Lake-P

Intel also confirmed that DG2 will debut with the 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake-H series, now expected to launch in the second quarter. Intel is also planning to offer DG2-512EU variants for its Alder Lake-P CPUs, a high-end mobile series expected to succeed Tiger Lake-H.

Intel DG2 Tiger Lake H Intel DG2 Alder Lake P

This information aligns with the specifications that leaked last year. For DG2 the ADL-P platform is considered a second-generation but it is not clear exactly would change in terms of specifications for the GPU itself:

Intel DG2 8GB GDDR6

Source: Intel via @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

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