In the new Sea of Thieves Tall Tales, other players won’t be able to mess with you

As revealed in Rare’s Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life presentation today, the five new Tall Tales included in the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover will take place in new locations. Players will visit The Sea of the Damned, a realm filled with pirate ghosts, and The Sunken Kingdom, a watery world filled with sirens (evil mermaids). The new adventure will also introduce several new crustacean enemies called ocean crawlers who, unlike skeletons, can actually board your ship to attack you.

And unlike the original series of Tall Tales, you won’t have to worry about other players interfering with your progress. OtherTall Tales take place on Sea of Thieves’ open-world map where other players can attack or kill you (or as happened to me and my friends once, steal your ship) while you’re busy solving puzzles. When you enter these new locations in A Pirate’s Life, they’ll function as separate instances. It’ll just be you, your friends (if you’re playing in a group), and the adventure, with no grief from other players.

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