I’m making millions while going morally bankrupt in this stock trading sim

My boss is furious with me. All week long at the stock trading firm I work for, I’ve been illegally paying lobbyists to sink the value of currency in a foreign country, which makes the stock value of that country’s companies plummet. And I’ve shorted those stocks, which means I’ve borrowed and sold them, watched them nosedive, bought the shares back at a bargain when they’ve reached rock bottom, and returned them to the lender. Along the way I’ve made my firm a tidy profit.

It’s important to note that manipulating currencies and plunging companies into ruin isn’t the reason my boss is furious at me. She told me to do it. She taught me to do it. It’s just that I’ve been doing it so much that the public has caught wind and the reputation of our firm is now on the questionable side, so my boss has to spend money on public relations specialists to improve the company’s image.

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