If you don’t know what to do with your old PC hardware, why not frame it?

I’m pretty sure I have the coolest graphics card ever made. Not the one in my PC right now. That’s a very nice white RTX 3070, but it’s not all-time cool. Today’s cards use big hunks of plastic to frame their coolers, and those coolers now have fairly standardized designs. Go back a decade or two, though, and you get a lot more exposed metal and experimental designs. Enter the Powercolor Radeon HD 4850. I found it a few years ago while exploring some deep storage in the PC Gamer office, and I liked it so much I kept it, even if its 512MB of memory wouldn’t do much good in a gaming PC today.

I couldn’t just throw away a card with a red circuit board, exposed copper, and that circular heatsink. But I didn’t love it sitting out, either, with so many easily broken pieces on it. So I decided to frame it, and the end result looks so good, I think more retro hardware deserves the same treatment.

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