I refuse to let the Resident Evil Village VR dream die

I’ve got an itch than Resident Evil Village can’t scratch. Call it morbid curiosity, or simply a fascination with the macabre and vile world that Capcom has created, but I want to plonk myself into Ethan Winters’ blood-soaked and battered shoes in virtual reality. I want to become the man with no plan, half a hand, and a shaky relationship with the Umbrella Corporation. I want to play that one bit, you might know it, where that thing happens (click the link for spoilers) and you want to close your eyes and curl up into a ball. But I want to do all that without all this regular reality getting in the way.

The missed opportunity for VR that is currently Resident Evil Village speaks for itself in many ways. It’s a fantastic example of imminent and overtly in your face horror. Resident Evil Village is gory, slimy even. It’s a game you can practically smell—a sensation that has spurred on the entire PC Gamer team to discuss history’s stinkiest videogames. It’s truly disgusting at times, and Ethan Winters experiences it all first-hand (pun intended).

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