HyperX Launches High-Speed DDR4-5333 RAM at $1,245

Memory specialist HyperX has expanded its Predator DDR4 family with fresh offerings up to DDR4-5333. The new memory kits are tailored towards Intel’s and AMD’s latest platforms, but it remains to be seen whether they have what it takes to disrupt the best RAM kits on the market.

The memory kits are available in DDR4-5000, DDR4-5133 and DDR4-5333 flavors. Given the difficulties to bin for these frequencies, the memory kits only come in dual-channel 16GB packages comprised of two 8GB memory modules. Taking into consideration the density, the memory modules adhere to a single-rank design. We suspect that HyperX’s latest memory modules are leveraging Hynix D-die integrated circuits (ICs) to hit these top speeds.

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