How to solve the mannequin puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Stuck on the Resident Evil Village doll puzzle? You’ve wandered right into Angie’s midst by arriving at House Beneviento, but you’ll need to hunt high and low for items that’ll help you escape unscathed. This area is teeming with dolls, and it’s fair to say the environment is unsettling. It’s also worth mentioning that as this is a full walkthrough so, there are spoilers ahead.

To make matters worse, your inventory has been emptied, so you can only use the objects you find in the Doll Workshop and basement to unlock doors, power the elevator, and chase down that creepy boss. This puzzle can be especially frustrating to get stuck on, so here’s a full walkthrough of how to solve the Resident Evil Village mannequin puzzle.

Find the house

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Resident Evil Village House Beneviento (Image credit: Capcom)
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Resident Evil Village mannequin doll puzzle

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Goat (Image credit: Capcom)

How to find House Beneviento

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