How to find the Resident Evil Village Well Wheel

Missing the item required for the Resident Evil Village wells? You’ll come across the wells early on in your playthrough, but you’ll have to wait a while before you discover the item you need to operate them. Thankfully the map marks where all the wells are, so they’re easy to find when backtracking.

You won’t find anything essential to Resident Evil 8’s main story, but there’s plenty of ammo, pipe bombs, and treasures to rescue from the depths of these. As always, if you want to avoid spoilers, tread carefully as this guide touches on a few light ones. Here’s how to find the Well Wheel and the items that lurk below in the Resident Evil Village wells. 

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Locked gate (Image credit: Capcom)
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Resident Evil Village wells

Well wheel (Image credit: Capcom)

How to find the Well Wheel 

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