How To Create a Multiboot USB Drive for Linux

There are hundreds, if not thousands of active Linux distributions and although many of the desktop distributions look the same, featuring the same set of applications or even desktop environments, there’s still a lot which separates them. This is why, for most novice Linux users, distro hopping – the practice of frequently switching between Linux distributions, is the only sane course to find one they’re comfortable with. Although many distributions now provide Live-installable images, making it possible to try the distribution without installing it first, constantly formatting USB drives to make room for the next distribution is quite cumbersome.

With Ventoy, you can easily create multi-boot USB drives in almost no time at all. Even better, the tool works with Windows, in addition to Linux. Released under the GPLv3 license, Ventoy features a browser-based graphical GUI, but can also be run from the terminal if that is your preference. 

How To Install Ventoy 

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