How to complete Strength to Weakness in Shadowlands

Stuck trying to complete the Strength to Weakness quest in WoW Shadowlands? There are plenty of new daily quests to pick up in Korthia now that the 9.1 update has landed. Some are straightforward fetch quests, while others can be a little more confusing. Especially when the quest text isn’t particularly descriptive.

It’s not just the dailies that can be hard to figure out. Some of the new Korthia rares aren’t quite as clear-cut as they first appear, either. WoW Consumption, for example, needs to be left to gain stacks to transform into a rare-elite. But if you’re stuck on the WoW Strength to Weakness daily quest, here’s what you need to do.

WoW Strength to Weakness: How to energise the Lightning Rods 

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