How many games are on your wishlist?

Assuming you have a wishlist, roughly how many games are on it? Do you use Steam’s wishlist feature to keep it organized, or does yours have its home somewhere else? Do you use your wishlist to make sue you receive notifications when games release or come on sale or come out of Early Access. Do you add games then completely forget about them like an alcoholic detective forgetting his troubled past?

How many games are on your wishlist?

Here are our answers, plus some from our forum.

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Andy Kelly: There are currently 18 games on my Steam wishlist. A mix of stuff I’m waiting to go on sale, and lesser known upcoming games I find intriguing. A lot of them have been ‘coming soon’ for years, like bush pilot sim Deadstick and dreamy driving game Transmission. I dunno if these will ever come out, or are even still in active development, but I like using my wishlist to check in on them now and again.

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