How a childhood crime movie inspired Driver’s notoriously difficult car park tutorial

Positive Inlfuence

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This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 358 in July 2021, as part of our ‘Positive Influence’ series, where every month we chat to a different developer about the inspirations and unexpected connections behind their work. 

If you’re still seething over Driver’s infamous car park level, you might well blame series creator Martin Edmondson. But the real culprit is the film that planted the idea in his head some two decades earlier. The Driver (1978) was a crime chase thriller in which a wheelman proved himself by flinging an orange Mercedes between the pillars of an underground garage. It’s all there: the handbrake turns, the speed test, the reverse 180—even the slalom that would-be drivers found so tricky to master. 

“It was actually the first film I ever went to the cinema to see,” Edmondson explains. “My dad had to go first just to check it wasn’t too violent.” 

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