Here’s the first gameplay for Superbrothers’ ultra pacifist space sim Jett: The Far Shore

Superbrothers A/V, the indie outfit that made Sword and Sworcery way back in 2011, turned heads last year when it unveiled its next game, Jett: The Far Shore. That reveal trailer didn’t say much beyond “space” and “chill vibes,” but that has been corrected a year later with an in-depth gameplay trailer shown during Sony’s State of Play livestream today.

Co-developed by Superbrothers A/V and Pine Scented, Jett is an exploration action game that centers around your hovering spacecraft (called a ‘jett’). You’ll spend your day charting an unexplored “mythic ocean planet” to trace something called the  “hymnwave signal” and avoid the planet’s less friendly creatures.

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