Gigabyte Releases 1200W PSU with Built-in Color Monitor

You can never have have enough screens, even if some of them are inside of your case. Gigabyte’s new Aorus P1200W power supply features a full-color LCD screen, which can display custom text, pictures, GIFs, and even videos on its LCD screen. Yes, just imagine watching your favorite movies on the side of your PSU!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a power supply with a screen slapped on it. The ASUS ROG Thor has one, but it only displays power draw, not your favorite films. Of course, the more practical use case for a screen on a PSU is showing stats such as your fan speed or temperature. 

Unfortunately, Gigabyte hasn’t listed the exact size or resolution of the screen nor do we know what its refresh rate will be. Could one even play games on it? I guess we’ll have to find out.

In case the screen alone doesn’t provide enough bling, Gigabyte has thrown in some RGB goodness. Just underneath the screen are a thin RGB line and the Aorus logo, which can be adjusted within RGB Fusion 2.0, Gigabyte’s RGB software.

Designed to compete with the best power supplies, the P1200W features all of the bells and whistles most high-end power supplies come with: an 80-Plus Platinum rating, fully modular cables, 140mm fan, an input current of 15-7.5A, full-range input voltage, >16ms hold up time, active PFC, and Japanese capacitors. 

The P1200W brings a lot in a small package, with one 24-pin and 10-pin connector, two CPU EPS-12v power connectors, six peripheral connectors, and six PCIe connectors, and of course, the LCD screen.

The power supply measures out to be 150 x 160 x 86mm, allowing it to fit in most ATX cases. But, you will need to make sure that your case has a removable PSU shroud if you want to be able to see the screen, as most cases now come with shrouds covering the entire lower part of the case.

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte did not disclose a price or shipping date and a link to buy the product in its store did not work at press time.

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