GALAX and Gainward release GeForce RTX 3090/3080/3070 and 3060 Ti BIOSes with ResizableBAR support –

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 now (unofficially) support Resizable BAR

First board partners have begun offering RTX 30 series BIOS updates with ResizableBAR support.

Ever since AMD announced its Smart Access Memory technology NVIDIA graphic card owners were asking if NVIDIA is planning to support this technology with their latest graphics cards. While support for older generations is not planned, NVIDIA did confirm it will enable ResizableBAR on its RTX 30 series models.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, the last graphics card from the RTX 30 series, is no longer the only model with ResizableBAR support. At the launch of this mid-range model, NVIDIA announced that it will exclusively feature ReBAR support with plans to enable this functionally on other SKUs later.

NVIDIA promised that Founders Edition models will receive ReBAR support by end of March. So far there has been no update from NVIDIA on this matter. However, it seems that some board partners are already offering BIOSes for other custom RTX 30 models that enable ReBAR support.

Late March, NVIDIA will release downloadable VBIOS updates for all Founders Edition GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs to enable Resizable BAR, and likewise, partners will release VBIOS updates for their custom models, too.


It is important to note that the software is being listed under very specific GALAX China and Gainward China models, not even the international variants. It is not guaranteed to work and we strongly advise everyone not to use these tools till your board partner confirms it will work with your card.

GALAX RTX 30 ResizableBAR

GALAX RTX 30 BIOS Update, Source: Galax

The downloaded file does not appear to be digitally signed by NVIDIA, but it does look like the official NVIDIA tool. The software is not really a custom BIOS, but rather a tool that modifies existing BIOSes on the graphics cards. Theoretically, it should work on all RTX 30 graphics cards.

NVIDIA Resizable BAR Firmware Updated

NVIDIA Resizable BAR Firmware Updated, Source: VideoCardz

Redditors have already confirmed that the tool works on non-Chinese variants such as GALAX RTX 3090 SG:


ReBAR enabled on GALAX RTX3090 SG, Source: El-Maximo-Bango

RTX 30 Rebar EXE

Download links

Please do not download and use those tools unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. VideoCardz shall not be held accountable if this software bricks your graphics card.

Source: Reddit via @Sebasti66855537

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