Far Cry 6 mod lets you change FOV while driving and horsing around

Far Cry 6 has been out for barely a week, and mods have already begun to appear. There aren’t many of them yet, but one in particular is sure to make a bunch of players happy. It’s an easy fix for a major FOV issue.

Far Cry 6 has an FOV slider, but PC players quickly noticed it was a bit limited. While you can use the slider to change your FOV setting while on foot, the moment you jump into a car or onto a horse your face is slammed back into an extremely oppressive FOV of around 50. That’s even closer than the default on-foot FOV setting of 75, which is a bit baffling, and it doesn’t matter how much you yank the slider around: You can’t change your FOV while in a car or on a horse.

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