EVGA Is Immediately Replacing All RTX 3090s That Died From New World

According to an EVGA discussion with JayzTwoCents, EVGA’s customer support is in full swing, replacing all of its customer’s RTX 3090s that have died from Amazon’s New World game. Customers that RMAed their RTX 3090 yesterday reportedly already have new 3090’s being shipped to their doorstep.

This is some excellent customer support coming out from EVGA. Even before the company has a chance to test dead cards, it’s shipping out replacements to sad and frustrated consumers. EVGA is even cross-shopping cards when necessary to accelerate delivery times. (Hint: It’s always necessary!)

If you have an EVGA RTX 3090 that has died, whether from New World or something else, we would highly recommend getting in an RMA as soon as possible to take advantage of EVGA’s warranty and customer support. 

RTX 3080 Ti’s and RX 6000 Series GPUs Are Also Dying From New World

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Unfortunately, it appears GPU deaths are going far beyond that of RTX 3090 owners. JayzTwoCents reports a bunch of other models, including RTX 3080 Tis and most of AMD’s RX 6000 series lineup, dying from playing New World.

In fact, JayzTwoCents delved deeper into the issue by testing two of his own RTX 3090’s — one EVGA and one MSI RTX 3090 — and found the game was pushing the EVGA RTX 3090’s power consumption over 20% higher than what its power limit should allow. This translates to over 400W of power being used by the RTX 3090 when the stock power limit for the FTW3 is 360-375W at best.

Surprisingly, the MSI RTX 3090 did not have the same issue, with power numbers staying right in line with the power limit’s maximum allowed wattage. So it appears some cards are exhibiting abnormal power consumption figures when playing the game, for unknown reasons at this time. That explains why only select cards are dying.

It’s an unusual situation to say the least. Back in the day, before AMD and Nvidia started implementing better power limiters in their hardware, it was entirely possible to fry some GPUs by running the FurMark stress test. Protection against ‘power virus’ workloads like FurMark have been common for several generations of GPU hardware now, however, so it’s odd that New World can end up in a similar power overload situation. It’s also unclear whether the game causes a VRM, capacitor, VRAM, or some other component to fail. Our advice is to be wary of playing the beta for the time being, at least until others have verified the patch fixes the root issue.

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