Elsa Stealthily Announces GeForce RTX 3060 SAC / L

Japanese Electronics producer Elsa has introduced the stealthiest looking RTX 3060 12GB we’ve ever seen called the Elsa GeForce RTX 3060 SAC / L. Featuring a stealthy matte black shroud, and no LED lighting, this card is made for gamers that care about performance and eschew RGB lighting.

The Elsa GeForce RTX 3060 SAC / L is not factory overclocked, so it will come with the same 1320MHz base clock and 1777MHz boost clock as the reference spec specifies. Memory comes in the form of 12GB of GDDR6, with a bandwidth of 360GB per second. The maximum TDP is 170W and Elsa recommends a minimum of a 550W power supply to power both the card and your system. On the back of the board we have three DisplayPort 1.4a compliant ports, and a single HDMI 2.1 port. This means we can have up to four displays connected to the card.

Though the design looks stealthy and somewhat sparse, the cooler is respectable for one of the best graphics cards in the mid-range market. This RTX 3060 features a dual-fan cooler with a length of 246mm, a height of 115mm, and a thickness of two PCIe slots. Elsa calls the cooling solution “Silent Air Cooling 4.0 Evolution” and the dual 90mm fans feature 15 blades each. The heatsink appears to be made up of three separate aluminum heatsinks, connected by four aluminum heat pipes routed to the GPU. Airflow is achieved via a large cut out to the rear of the backplate which takes up almost half of the card’s size, allowing airflow to pass through the rear from top to bottom of the card. 

(Image credit: ELSA)

Unfortunately, Elsa has not given us any clues as to when this card will be available, however, Guru3D allegedly knows the price of the card which will be $599 upon launch and come with a two year warranty.

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