Elden Ring rated in Australia, proving that it still exists

Elden Ring has been rated MA15+ in Australia, which is no surprise because that’s the rating given to Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, and Sekiro (curiously, Dark Souls 2 was only hit with a comparatively chilled-out M). The RPG is described as having “strong fantasy themes and violence” as well as “online interactivity,” and yeah: none of this is new, it’s just nice to be reminded that Elden Ring still exists, and is coming soon.

What else can we glean based on the rating? Elden Ring will have strong impact “themes” and “violence” but it doesn’t offend at all when it comes to language, drug use, nudity and sex. Violence is definitely the name of the day: a Korean rating back in late September noted the game’s “excessive violence,” “swords” and “bright red blood” (via Google Translate).

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