Dump and Debug with this Raspberry Pi Pico Kit

The right debug board can make the development process for a project so much easier to get through—that’s why we appreciate this fascinating Raspberry Pi Pico-powered Debug’n’Dump board kit created by maker Thomas Roth (also known as Stacksmashing).

The best Raspberry Pi projects are flexible and Roth has set the stage with this board design for a myriad of compatibility. It supports a few different functions via multiple ports and components including SWD debugging, basic glitch testing, SPI-flash dumping and has options for both UART and Game Boy Game-Link connections.

(Image credit: Thomas Roth (Stacksmashing))

The kit is officially listed on the Stacksmashing website and comes with everything you need already soldered into place. All you have to provide yourself is a Raspberry Pi Pico module. There are also optional pin headers included that can be soldered to the board.

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