Driving horror game Beware shows off a spooky map and killer trucks

Relative to human history, cars haven’t been around all that long. But there’s still a primal fear in the act of glancing up at your rearview mirror and seeing a pair of headlights following you on a gloomy night, probably because our ancestors felt something similar when spotting the glowing eyes of a predator in the darkness.

We’ve had our headlights pointed at driving horror game Beware since way back in 2016, and we tried a demo in 2018 that proved to be incredibly creepy and alarming. In Beware, you drive a car through a dark, foggy world at night. That alone is unsettling, but it gets worse because there are other cars full of creepy, faceless goons that eventually start pursuing you. And if they catch you, bad things happen.

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