Dragon Age 4 might not have news, but it does have concept art

We knew going in that this year’s EA Play wasn’t going to show any of Dragon Age 4 or the new Mass Effect game. Even so, BioWare executive producer Christian Dailey posted an apology on Twitter along with some new concept art, promising that “the team is heads down with a lot of momentum and making great progress,” and said they’ll share more when the time is right.

While fun, concept art is risky to speculate from—it’s often used to establish a mood or an idea, particularly the more illustrative scenes that are shared publicly.

(Image credit: BioWare)

We do know that the Antivan crows—a guild of assassins—have popped up repeatedly in stories that have come out between Dragon Age: Inquisition and now. Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights, the collection of short stories from last year contained multiple stories about the assassins, including Courtney Woods’s stakeout ‘The Wigmaker Job’. Then, on Dragon Age day in December 2020, Mary Kirby published ‘The Wake’, an official short story featuring Woods’ same crows. And this isn’t the first piece of concept art to show us what looks to be a crow with its identifying mask and the feathered cape.

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