Design your own massive Valheim ships with this mod

Ship by CaptStinkwater on Nexus Mods (Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

From the lowly raft to the mighty longship, there are a few different seafaring vessels you can craft in Viking survival game Valheim. But in a game where you spend so much time painstakingly building the base of your dreams, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to be restricted to crafting one of the standard ships. Instead, wouldn’t it be cool to build your own custom model from scratch?

The ValheimRAFT mod allows you to construct a Viking ship to your own specifications, no matter how wild they may be. You begin with a basic version of the raft, but instead of just being stuck with a simple mast and sail, you can use it as a building platform. While it’s going to be tricky as hell building while your ship bobs around on the water (you might want to use some Valheim cheats to make it easier), the sky’s the limit since the normal construction rules of Valheim don’t apply. You can stick on as many pieces as you like. Go nuts!

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