DAN A4-SFX Review – Ultra Compact and Ready for Big GPUs


I would like to thank DAN Cases for supplying the review sample.


You may not have heard of DAN Cases if standard ATX enclosures are your thing, but for those on the hunt for the perfect small form factor enclosure, the DAN A4-SFX represents something many mainstream brands have attempted but never achieved: a tiny enclosure with the ability to hold a potent gaming rig without running into the thermal issues that plague many such small form factor cases. With Version 1 and Version 2 being Kickstarter projects, the later variants with tangible tweaks and improvements over time are now sold at several select retailers. Available in black or silver, you may also buy several small bits and pieces to push the system to the limit with your hardware set without compromising on the core components or even overall storage capacity.


Dan A4 V4.1
Case Type:SFF Chassis
Weight:1.25 kg
Drive Bays:3x Internal 2.5″
Form Factors:
Dimensions:205 (H) x 112 (W) x 327 mm (D)
Front Door/Cover:N/A
Front Fans:N/A
Rear Fans:N/A
Top Fans:N/A
Bottom Fans:1x 92 mm fan (up to 25 mm) in place of drive bay (optional)
1x 92 mm fan (up to 15 mm) under the motherboard (optional)
Side Fans:N/A
I/O:1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C (internal Key-A plug)
Fan/LED Controller:N/A
Compatibility:CPU Cooler: 48 mm
GPU: 300 mm

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