Corsair Unleashes new Hydro XD7 RGB Distribution Plate That Doubles as a Pump/Reservoir Combo

Corsair has released a brand new product for its Hydro X lineup called the XD7 RGB distribution plate. This distribution plate doubles as a pump and reservoir combo and comes in the form factor of a 360mm radiator, meaning you can install this distribution plate into any case supporting 360mm radiators.

The XD7’s biggest features are its internal pump combo and its form factor, which allows you to delete any large reservoirs or pumps you might have taking up significant space in your system. All you’re left with is radiators and tubing, which can give custom loops a cleaner look.

The XD7 design is quite interesting. It mimics Corsair’s MagLev 120mm RGB fans, making you think it’s a real radiator with fans when in reality it’s just a distribution plate. This is largely thanks to the XD7’s mounting system that requires support for a 360mm radiator. Still, this makes the XD7 look right at home in your case and will match any other radiators and Corsair RGB fans in your system.

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair XD7 Distribution Plate

(Image credit: Corsair)

Each “fan housing” has 36 controllable RGB LEDS with the Corsair logo in the middle, similar in appearance to the central hub in a Corsair fan. The see-through acrylic allows you to watch your coolant flowing through the distribution plate as well as the Xylem D5 pump. To run the RGB leds, you’ll have to pair the XD7 with a Corsair iCue controller that’s sold separately.

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