Core Temp now supports AMD Cezanne, Intel Rocket Lake, Alder Lake and Meteor Lake –

Core Temp 1.17 gets next-gen APU and CPU support

Core Temp updated after nearly 10 months.

The latest version of the popular system tool for CPU temperature reporting has received support for the latest Intel CPUs as well as AMD APUs. Version 1.17 arrives as the first update in 2021, and the first update in nearly 10 months.

Core Temp now supports AMD Zen2 and Zen3 APUs (Lucienne and Cezanne), as well as Intel’s latest 11th Gen Core series codenamed Rocket Lake. What might be interesting is the fact that the tool also received preliminary support for Alder Lake as well as ‘very’ preliminary support for Meteor Lake, which should not launch for another 2 years. The changelog does not mention Raptor Lake series, which should arrive after Alder Lake next year.

The software can be downloaded directly from the official website.

Core Temp 1.17, Source: VideoCardz

Changelog Version 1.17

  • New: AMD Zen 3 and Zen 2 APU support
  • New: Intel Rocket Lake support
  • New: Preliminary Alder Lake support
  • New: Very preliminary Meteor Lake support
  • Fix: “Unsupported CPU” message when only some cores have HT enabled
  • Fix: Epyc Rome/Threadripper 3rd gen Platform detection
  • Fix: Gemini Lake platform detection
  • Fix: Whiskey Lake codename
  • Fix: Incorrect VID reporting on some Celeron/Pentium processors
  • Fix: Crash on Intel Banias based (Pentium/Celeron M) processors
  • Fix: Turbo multiplier detection on Nehalem/Westmere
  • Fix: Bugs related to response to DPI changes
  • Fix: VID reporting on some AMD Athlon64 processors
  • Change: AMD Bulldozer based processors now display the amount of modules/threads instead of cores/threads
  • Change: Improve accuracy of information on unsupported Intel CPUs

Source: Alcpu

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