Cooler Master Adds Gaming Pod Battlestation, Haptic Feedback to Chair Lineup

Despite a name implying a focus on internals, Cooler Master’s been looking to compete with the best gaming chairs for a while now. A pair of gaming chairs it announced today really push the envelope for the types of gaming experiences you can have at home. Usually, to watch a 4D movie or a custom all-in-one gaming space, you have to go to a special theater or arcade. But with the Cooler Master Motion 1 and CMIX GamePod, you’ll be able to access such thrills without leaving your house.

Cooler Master Motion 1  

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

If you’re lucky enough to have D-Box seat options at your local AMC movie theater or you’ve been to a “4D” show at a theme park lately, Cooler Master’s Motion 1 gaming chair should be familiar to you. 

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