Company Gives Employees A Day Off To Play Monster Hunter Rise

A Japanese company is giving its employees the day off so that they can play Monster Hunter Rise, which releases for the Nintendo Switch this week.

Credit: Capcom

Have you ever phoned in sick to work to play a highly anticipated game on release? Come on, we know you have!  

Perhaps you’ve booked the day off work to play a new video game? I know that I have on both accounts (maybe).

However, if you work for a certain company in Japan, you’ll have to do neither of the above if you want to play Monster Hunter Rise on release.

monster hunter rise
Credit: Capcom

The reason why this company is giving employees the day off to play the game is that it believes that its employees would not be able to concentrate at work if all they can think about is the latest Nintendo Switch release.

A tweet was sent out by Masaki Hiyama, who is a company director of a business that developers VR and AR software. The tweet from Hiyama roughly translates to the following: [via MP1ST]:

Since March 26th (Friday) will be the release date of MONSTER HUNTER RISE (CAPCOM) and it is expected that we will not be able to concentrate on our work, we will call it ‘Monster Hunter Holiday’ and make it a vacation.”

Have you ever been given the day off by your boss to play a video game? If so, we’d love to hear your story across our social media channels.

Monster Hunter Rise is the first game in the series to utilise the RE Engine, Capcom’s in-house engine which powers the likes of Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5.

monster hunter rise
Credit: Capcom

If you pre-order Monster Hunter Rise from the GameByte Shop, you’ll also receive a free Steel Book case, as well as Palamute Dog and Palico Cat keyrings!

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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