Cat Cafe Manager Is A Cathartic Management Sim With A Twist

Cat cafes are absolutely incredible. However, as far as cafes go, they’re a little impractical. While the experience of kicking back with a bunch of cats is exceptionally cathartic, having a coffee while felines leap over your head is a little distracting. Cat caveats aside, such cafes are few and far between, not to mention that the current pandemic situation makes visiting them a little problematic. But hey, don’t worry! Cat Cafe Manager is a comprehensive solution to all the above problems, and it’s coming to Steam. 

Credit: Roost Games

Cat Cafe Manager is a title that speaks for itself. As a cat cafe manager, you’ll have to perform all the usual management tasks involved at a cafe while looking after a bunch of cats. Here’s a synopsis from the game’s Steam page, which sums up the experience purrfectly:

You’re moving to Caterwaul village to restore granny’s old cat cafe. It’ll be up to you to turn this old ramshackle ruin into a thriving spot for cats and customers!

Credit: Roost Games

Win the trust of the town’s stray cat population so you can adopt them into their new forever home, then nurture and train them to delight your customers (and cuddle them lots, too!) Hire and manage your staff, build your food menu, and expand and decorate your cafe in order to meet the needs of the different customer groups that live in Caterwaul.

Credit: Roost Games

Befriend the locals who frequent your cafe to learn more about the town in branching dialogues, and uncover the mysteries of the town’s crumbling shrine to an ancient cat god…

If you like management sims with a wholesome touch, then you’ll probably want to add Cat Cafe Manager to your wishlist.

Credit: Roost Games

The game’s developers, Roost Games, also has a Discord, where you can share your thoughts about the game and contribute ideas.

Cat Cafe Manager is coming to Steam in 2021!

Featured Image Credit: Roost Games

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