Bungie, I beg of you, stop ripping us off with Destiny 2 seasonal artifact resets

Anarchy was already borderline busted before the arrival of this season’s grenade launcher mods. (Image credit: Bungie)

Though it doesn’t appear in the glitzy launch trailers, the Artifact refresh is one of the most exciting parts of a new Destiny 2 season. For build rafters such as myself, the 25 armour mods contained in the Seasonal Artifact represent a chocolate box of destructive possibilities that enable previously impossible synergies. In other words: you get to do stupidly broken stuff.

Arranged in a 5×5 grid, mods are unlocked by earning XP, with the options becoming spicier as you move from left to right. The stuff in the first couple of columns is always a smorgasbord of anti-champion mods, discounted ammo scavengers and weapon reloaders. Though not the most exciting, these are intended to not-so-gently nudge players towards experimenting with loadouts they might otherwise not bother with. For instance, the current season is all-in on grenade launchers, which with the right mods unlocked can both stagger Unstoppable Champions and debuff them via an insanely strong mod called ‘Breach And Clear’ that also reloads all your stowed weapons. Now that’s a mod.

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