Breath Of The Wild Looks Even More Glorious In Fan-Made Game Boy Color Demake

As an industry, we’re constantly waiting for the next classic video game remake. From iconic favourites to underappreciated hidden gems, there are plenty of games out there in need of a makeover. However, sometimes embracing old mechanics and visuals can bring the best out of an experience. That’s where Breath of the Wild for Game Boy Color comes in, a demake of the latest Zelda experience that transforms it into an epic 8-bit quest [via Comicbook].

Credit: Ohana Studios

Created by solo developer Ohana Studios, the GBC version of Breath of the Wild makes use of a mix of new and existing classic Zelda assets.

The developer’s YouTube channel features a short gameplay demo, which shows off the project’s crisp pixelated graphics and top-down perspective. Ohana Studios has also added a short blurb to the bottom of the video, which serves as a disclaimer aimed at Nintendo:

breath of the wild game boy
Credit: Ohana Studios

This is not a full game (please don’t sue me Nintendo!), just a prototype I made for fun because I love the oldschoold GBC zelda titles.

I might swap the assets with my own (some are already if u can notice) and make a full non-zelda survival gbc-style game out of this. Actually I’d love to do that because I love the genre and also the artstyle so much.

Sadly, Ohana’s insistence that the project is a prototype probably means it’ll never become a full game. However, the developer seems interested in creating pseudo Game Boy experiences free from any Nintendo branding, so perhaps we’ll see the game released under a different name.

The developer currently has another pixellated adventure available to buy on Steam titled The Tides of Time. The game features the tale of a boy called Charlie, who is stuck in some sort of mysterious time loop. 

breath of the wild game boy
Credit: Ohana Studios

Who knows, perhaps Ohana Games’ next adventure will be born out of this Breath of the Wild prototype. If you’d like to support the developer, check out their latest game on Steam. Ohana Games also has a Patreon, where you can support the developer’s various projects.

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Featured Image Credit: Ohana Studios

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