Best Razer gaming laptop deals

The folks that brought us the world’s first LED credit card,  gamer gum, and even a Razer energy drink. The fact that Razer can make these ridiculous items along with some of the best gaming laptops around is a testament to its transition from a niche “cult” into a much more varied, mainstream “lifestyle brand.” Whatever that means.

Let’s face it; Razer laptops are not cheap. So whenever we see any Razer laptops on sale, we let the world know. Despite the brand’s love of RGB LEDs, designs have been edging in a more restrained direction over the past few years, which is great if you don’t want your laptop looking like a techno-nightmare. We think that Razer gaming laptops are some of the best-looking mobile devices around, and luckily they’re also some of the best-performing too.
If you’re after the ultimate Razer gaming laptop, have a look at the Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model, which now boasts RTX 30-series GPUs and weighing in at less than five pounds, and 0.7 inches thin. You’d be hard-pressed to find a worthy competitor in the gaming laptop market. Of course, if you’re after something that will leave a smaller dent in your wallet and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of performance, the Razer Blade Stealth may be more to your liking, especially if work is top priority overplay.  

The best Razer gaming laptop deals today

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