Best light gaming mouse in 2021

The best light gaming mouse aims to be a featherlight extension of your arm, a PC peripheral that blurs the line between flesh and machine. And right now they’re almost every manufacturer’s holy (hole-y?) grail. Though we’ve come a long way since hefty rubber balls traversed freebie magazine mousepads, even the most popular tournament-grade gaming mice have a bit of heft to them. Hence why the term ‘ultra-lightweight’ has become the major buzzword for manufacturers looking to sell the latest line of top-tier gaming mice.

Premium peripheral manufacturers are putting the time and resources into developing next-generation sensors, sleeker switches, and even perforating the shells of input devices in an attempt to make gaming mice lighter. Theoretically reducing fatigue, the risk of medical injuries and syndromes like RSI or carpal tunnel, and otherwise increasing the speed at which we can pull off clip-worthy headshots in shooters or highlight powerful units in hectic RTS battles. 

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