Benedict Cumberbatch Goes To Extreme Lengths To Hide New Doctor Strange 2 Look

Benedict Cumberbatch had to hide his face during a Zoom call in order to keep his new Doctor Strange 2 look a secret, according to Comicbook.

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The actor recently made a panel appearance on The Concordia Form, only instead of appearing on camera, he pointed it at the ceiling. In an attempt to explain his strange actions, Cumberbatch made the following remarks:

By the way, you’re looking at a ceiling because I can’t show you my face because I’m filming Doctor Strange and it’s all embargoed. Just to explain why you’re looking at a very attractive ceiling in a trailer.”

doctor strange 2
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Doctor Strange is apparently getting a new costume, which will feature in the Sam Raimi-directed sequel. Cumberbatch is also set to have a real goatee, as the actor apparently wore out the prosthetic one used in the first Doctor Strange flick. Here’s what Doctor Strange star Rachael McAdams told about the facial hair blunder:

You know he has this wonderful facial hair in the film. Sometimes it was real, and sometimes it was glued on…I hope I’m not telling tales out of school here…but if he laughed too hard, and he was always making jokes, it would come off”.

The film’s movement designer, Jay Funk, also chimed in at the time by recounting a funny incident that occurred on set:

Benedict had to keep his facial expressions tight because of his prosthetic beard. So when he had to laugh, he sounded like Santa claus haha.”

It’ll be interesting to see how much Doctor Strange has changed since his debut in 2016. The fact Cumberbatch had to hide his face suggests that we might be in for a shock once the sorcerer returns to the big screen.

doctor strange 2
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to release in cinemas on 25th March 2022. Are you looking forward to seeing the new look for Doctor Strange 2?

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