Become A Raccoon Detective In Upcoming Post-Noir Thriller ‘Backbone’

If you’re looking for a gritty post-noir detective game to keep you on your toes this summer then you’re going to want Backbone on your wishlist – especially if you’re a fan of raccoons.

Credit: Raw Fury

Upcoming indie game Backbone promises to deliver an experience like no other, taking the post-noir detective genre and turning it on its head. You’ll play as down-on-his-luck raccoon Howard, collecting evidence, interrogating suspects and trying to solve a mystery in a world inhabited by pixelated critters.

backbone game
Credit: Raw Fury

Backbone is a post-noir roleplaying detective adventure, in which you step into the shoes of raccoon private investigator, Howard Lotor, and explore dystopian Vancouver, BC, beautifully rendered in high resolution pixel art,” reads the game’s official description.

After years of small-time cases, lonely evenings, and just barely scraping by, Howard Lotor is swept into a job quite unlike any other before it. What starts as a menial case slowly unravels into something much darker, pitting Howard against the oppressive, systemic power hierarchies of the City itself.

backbone game
Credit: Raw Fury

The game’s beautiful aesthetic suggests we’re in for a memorable ride with this one, even if it does star one of the cuddliest-looking animals I’ve ever seen in a detective coat.

While Backbone is set to release later this summer, you can give the game a whirl early – and for free! – thanks to a new demo.

Backbone comes to Steam on June 8th 2021, but you can add it to your wishlist today!

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Featured Image Credit: Raw Fury

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