Baldur’s Gate 3 Gamer Collects Every Chest, Crate & Trunk Just To Blow Them Up

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has collected every chest, crate and trunk in-game, only to simply blow them all up for dramatic effect. What fun!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is still in its stage of Early Access on PC, with currently only the entirety of Act One being available (which is still said to be a generous 20 hours of playtime).  However, that hasn’t stopped one player from having endless hours of unimaginable fun with a unique way of spending their time in-game.

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Credit: Larian Studios

A Reddit user by the name of “the_only_good_user” decided to collect every single barrel, chest, crate and trunk available in the game for no good reason other than it’s daft. The then proceeded to blow up their collection, which in turn, blew up as a Reddit post [via TheGamer].

Every barrel, crate, trunk, and chest in the game from r/BaldursGate3

The user must have spent an insane amount of hours collecting every chest, crate and trunk, which I hear alone is no easy task. Just carrying a single chest from place to place takes a lot of effort, let alone thousands of them!

Just imagine carrying one crate for 10 to 20 minutes at a time (depending on the location of your hoard), covering every inch of the map a thousand times over.  Not only that, but then strategically placing them side-by-side, top and bottom to result in the ultimate domino effect explosion (minus four bomb throws). It’s a big feat, and it’s easy to see why the post has attracted a lot of love on Reddit.

The post is now even a YouTube video, which you can check out below!

When you watch the video, please keep in mind that it’s not your internet connection or PC slowing down, it’s the Reddit users GPU getting obliterated.  But just look at those impressive XP numbers stock-piling up!

Let’s just hope that after the GPU took one hell of a beating, the PC’s graphics card still lives to fight another day.  If not, we can only assume the worst and if so, press [F] to pay your respects across our social media channels.

Create character screen in baldur's gate 3
Credit: Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 while still in Early Access has no confirmed release date at the time of writing.  The action-adventure, multiplayer RPG series has gathered a cult-status following since it first released in 1998, developed at the time by BioWare.

Will you be attempting something as time-consuming as collecting every chest and trunk in Baldur’s Gate 3?  If so, hit the Happy Emoji below.

Source: Reddit

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/the_only_good_user

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