An ‘undetectable’ and ‘unstoppable’ cheat was taken down at Activision’s request

(Image credit: User Vision)

User Vision Pro was an aim-assist and auto-fire cheat that gained some attention recently thanks to YouTube demonstrations showing what it could achieve in Call of Duty: Warzone. Those videos have now been taken offline, but you can see what was being shown off thanks to Twitter’s Anti-Cheat Police Department. The video claimed User Vision Pro would work on “any game” and on consoles as well as PC, be “undetectable” and “unstoppable” and also “extreamly [sic] fast”.

Ars Technica broke down how it works. Basically, software running on a second computer that the game’s being streamed to analyzes what it’s seeing, identifies enemies, and then—via third-party hardware like the Cronus Zen, which was at the centre of a recent Warzone cheating accusation involving a world record holder—takes over the controls to ensure a cheating player lands the shot.

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