AMD Goes Fishing for Navi 24, Catches a ‘Beige Goby’

AMD has begun to enable support of its smallest GPU in the RDNA2 family (aka Navi 20-series) in Linux, which revealed its internal codename, the Beige Goby, reports Phoronix. Not the most exciting of fish names, but let’s continue.

The enablement means that the entry-level RDNA2 graphics processor is on track to be released in the coming months and find its home inside inexpensive desktops and notebooks. At this point it’s not completely clear which model numbers will be adopted by the Beige Goby, and its codename is just as mysterious as its future.

AMD’s RDNA-based family of GPUs is codenamed Navi after the informal name of the Gamma Cassiopeiae star that’s located roughly 550 light-years away from Earth. For internal codenames for its Navi 20-series GPUs, AMD decided not to go that far and named them after… fishes. Or at least, AMD’s own driver team refers to the company’s Navi 20-series GPUs using rather odd fish codenames, as we can see from their Linux driver enablement.

The Radeon RX 6800/6900 (Navi 21) was called Sienna Cichlid. There are also Navy Flounder (Navi 22), Dimgrey Cavefish (presumably Navi 23, though it’s not out yet), and now Beige Goby (which should be Navi 24).

With four different GPUs, AMD’s RDNA2 / Navi 20-series family of GPUs will cover a wider spread than any other Radeon lineup in recent years. Vega for example only targeted the high-end market, while Polaris went after budget and maisntream. Last generation’s Navi 10-series likewise had budget to mainstream offerings, while Navi 20 covers the entire gamut from entry-level PCs all the way to high-end gaming desktops.

AMD’s Radeon RX 6000-Series Family of GPUs

Navi 21Sienna CichlidRadeon RX 6800/6900
Navi 22Navy FlounderRadeon RX 6600/6700 (?)
Navi 23Dimgrey CavefishRadeon RX 6500/6600 (?)
Navi 24Beige GobyRadeon RX 6400 (?)

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