Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 2TB SSD review

The PCI Express Gen 4 interface is rapidly approaching default status, especially if you’re talking new as opposed to installed hardware. Intel’s latest desktop and mobile CPUs support it, AMD having jumped on the PCIe 4.0 wagon back in 2019. The Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 also support the standard.

As for solid-state drives, we’re now well through the early adopter stage, with numerous high-end PCIe 4.0 drives available, plus several value drives. The new ADATA XPG Gammix S50 Lite, sampled here in 2TB configuration and M.2 2280 format, falls into the latter category. But where some Gen 4 drives achieve a lower price point by using cheap and not always terribly cheerful QLC or quad-level flash memory, ADATA has managed to price TLC or triple-level flash memory into the bargain, in this case, 96-layer Micron chips.

Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 2TB Specs

Capacity: 2TB
Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4
Controller: Silicop Motion SM2267
NAND: Micron 96-layer TLC
DRAM cache: 1GB
Rated seq. read: 3,900 MB/s
Rated seq. write: 3,200 MB/s
Rated IOPS read: 490K
Rated IOPS write: 540K
Endurance: 1,480TB
Warranty: 5 years
Price: $270 (£256)

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