Acer FA100 1 TB Review


Acer is a world-leading manufacturer of computer hardware. The company was founded in 1976, in Taiwan. They are mostly famous for their laptops, desktop PCs, and monitors. They have now branched into the field of solid-state storage with OEM partner BIWIN Storage, who are also helping HP produce their SSDs.


The FA100 is part of the Acer SSD lineup, which was announced last week. Designed as a cost-effective, entry-level M.2 NVMe SSD, the FA100 offers performance greater than traditional SATA drives and is much faster than any mechanical HDD too, of course. Acer has built the FA100 using the Innogrit IG5216 controller paired with 3D TLC NAND flash. A DRAM cache chip is not included, probably to save on cost.

The Acer FA100 is available in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB. Endurance for these models is set at 70 TBW, 150 TBW, 300 TBW, 600 TBW, and 1200 TBW respectively. None of the price points but for the $125 1 TB FA100 in this review are known. Acer includes a five-year warranty with the FA100.

Specifications: Acer FA 100 1 TB
Capacity:1024 GB (953 GB usable)
No additional overprovisioning
Controller:Innogrit IG5216
Flash:3D TLC
DRAM:N/A, but HMB 64 MB
Endurance:600 TBW
Form Factor:M.2 2280
Interface:PCIe Gen 3 x4, NVMe 1.4
Device ID:Acer SSD FA100 1TB
Warranty:5 years
Price at Time
of Review:
$125 / 12 cents per GB

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