A PUBG Sequel Is Reportedly In Development

A PUBG sequel is reportedly on the way to consoles, PC and mobile, and it’s apparently been in development for quite some time.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds a.k.a PUBG released in 2017, and for a while it was the kingpin of battle royale games.

Credit: PUBG Corp

However with the emergence of Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, PUBG is perhaps not the battle royale giant it once was.

The battle royale genre is very competitive and many games have tried and failed to get a slice of that lucrative pie. 

Even with games as established as PUBG, something needs to be done if they want to remain in the chase. Apparently that is exactly what the developers at Krafton (formerly known as PUBG Corp.) are doing.

image from pubg
Credit: PUBG Corp.

As brought to our attention by PUBG leaker PlayerIGN, a report from a Korean media outlet by the name of MTN claims that an “authentic sequel” to PUBG is already in the works.

PUBG just confirmed that they’re working on PUBG 2.0 and PUBG Mobile 2.0. Global announcement soon?” said PlayerIGN on Twitter.

The secret ProjectXTRM thing from last year was PUBGM2 all along. I knew XTRM was a mobile game. So I didn’t make an update video on it. Got so tilted when I learned about it.

The PUBG sequel has allegedly been in development from as early as May 2019. Additionally, PUBG Mobile 2 is reportedly being developed by the team that worked on PUBG Lite, a port that catered to lower-end PCs.

image from pubg
Credit: PUBG Corp

MTN also believes that an announcement for PUBG 2 will be made sometime this year. As always with leaks and rumours, take this with a pinch of salt until confirmed.

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Featured Image Credit: PUBG Corp

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