A new skin in Windows 11 is not going to suddenly make me use the Microsoft Store

I like Windows. I like Windows a lot. It’s not perfect, and there have been some ropey releases of the OS over the years, but it’s the best we’ve got. PC games just work with it. Okay, mostly just work with it. Hardware plays nicely. Again, mostly. It’s about as universal a standard as you can get and, from what I’ve seen of Windows 11, there’s plenty to love about where Microsoft is heading.

With one exception: The Microsoft Store.

The world of wonder that is just a mouse-click away is getting a whole new interface in Windows 11. It’ll be updated for Windows 10 as well, so don’t worry you won’t miss out. A fresh lick of paint. New curation. A safer playground to explore. There’s even going to be a games library. It’ll do so much, and we’ll all live happily ever after. Or at least that is the implicit promise.

The Microsoft Store finally gets a library feature. Can I just reassure you that I’ve never bought Candy Crush Saga.  (Image credit: Microsoft)

The problem is, the vast majority of us would be seriously hard pushed to spot if anything has changed because we use it so infrequently. There’s a reason the Microsoft Store has been largely ignored, and it’s got nothing to do with what it actually looks like. Well, it might do a little bit, but not enough to suddenly change its fortunes. It’s because that isn’t really how we get applications on our PC. They’re not phones, this is just not how Windows works, or how most of us work with Windows.

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