Sony Has Filed A Trademark For Sunset Overdrive

Sony has issued a trademark for Sunset Overdrive, despite it previously being an Xbox console exclusive.

Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Created by Insomniac, the original Sunset Overdrive was an Xbox One and PC exclusive. However, Sony’s recent trademark seems to suggest that the game could be coming to the PlayStation platform.

Spotted by the industry analyst Nibel, the trademark was registered on the 26th of April 2021 and covers the use of the words “Sunset Overdrive”.

As you’re probably already aware, Insomniac was acquired by Sony back in 2019, five years after Sunset Overdrive’s release. Since then, Insomniac has become synonymous with PlayStation exclusives, with the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales featuring as a PS5 launch title.

Of course, Sony’s Sunset Overdrive trademark doesn’t necessarily mean a new game is in the works. However, Sony does own the rights to Insomniac’s back catalogue, so a PlayStation exclusive Sunset Overdrive sequel is entirely possible.

sunset overdrive
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

While Sunset Overdrive is currently available on the likes of Steam, the game is still confined to Xbox hardware. The game is also available via Xbox Game Pass, making it feel even more like an Xbox exclusive. However, in reality, the game could be ported to PlayStation consoles at any point in the future.

Last month, we also learned that Insomniac is working on an unannounced project, thanks to an employee’s Linkedin profile. While either Sony or Insomniac hasn’t officially announced the project, it looks like the studio is going to have its hands full.

sunset overdrive
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

That being said, the leaked information could actually be related to a new Sunset Overdrive game, especially since it doesn’t specify whether it’s for a new IP or not.

Anyway, until some sort of official announcement is made, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up about Sunset Overdrive. Let’s hope that Sony’s recent trademark means the series will live to see another day!

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Featured Image Credit: Xbox Games Studios

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