I know $900 for a massaging gaming chair is absurd, but trying it made me a believer

I think I’m addicted. I start my morning with a 15-minute Energize program, a top to bottom brisk, rhythmic shiatsu tapping and rolling. As someone who regularly wakes up with a host of aches and pains, I sort of just melt into the chair as it starts to do its thing. I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck, so being able to aim the rollers exactly where I need them to be is by far my favorite thing about the uThrone gaming chair. 

When you think of a massage chair, you probably think of some giant overpriced lumpy thing that looks like aliens would use when interrogating prisoners. The folks at Osim hoped to make something slightly less terrifying with the uThrone, the world’s first massage gaming chair. It’s still a very expensive chair, but holy crap, has it been a revelation for my back.

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