Destiny 2 goes Tron in Season of the Splicer

Previously, Destiny 2 dipped a toe in abstract, geometric colourscapes in last year’s Prophecy dungeon. Now, in the Vex-themed Season of the Splicer, due next Tuesday, Bungie is going all-out Tron with a series of simulations that Guardians will be tasked with bringing down.

As Ikora explains in the new season’s trailer, the Vex have forced the city into eternal darkness, which apparently is something they can a) do, and b) have only just done. To stop him, we’ll be turning to our Fallen pal Mithrax—finally the star after years spent hiding in sidequests, lore and that bit in the Zero Hour secret mission where he turns up, kills one Dregg and then swoops in at the end after you’ve done all of the hard work.

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