Rumours Of Bluepoint Games’ Bloodborne Remaster Debunked By Modder

While rumours have claimed that Bluepoint Games is working on a Bloodborne remaster, the game’s unofficial 60fps modder has said suggested otherwise [via TheGamer].

Credit: FromSoftware

In a thread posted to Twitter, Lance McDonald highlighted why the recent Bloodborne rumours are untrue while distancing himself from investigating additional rumours in the future. While the modder states that he doesn’t deny the possibility of a PS5 or PC port of Bloodborne, he does drive home the fact that a Bluepoint remaster likely isn’t happening:

“A lot of people got angry at me when I debunked this nearly a year ago (I literally debunked it, I spoke to developers at a number of studios rumoured to be working on it). Since then I’ve decided to stop researching Bloodborne PC rumours and I’ll happily believe it when I see it”.

bloodborne yharnam
Credit: FromSoftware

“Enough time has passed that I no longer have any idea what the f*ck is going on with Bloodborne, if anything at all. It could get a PC port, a remaster, a PS5 patch, or nothing at all. I no longer have any relevant info as I last looked into it so long ago. I’m happy this way.

“However if you believe Bluepoint are working on Bloodborne when their contract with Sony didn’t even last long enough for them to patch in the ability to delete characters in Demons Souls, you’re out of your mind.”

While the modder’s opinion is based on speculation, it does make logical sense. As McDonald points out, it’s easy to prove when people are fabricating rumours, especially when logic isn’t on their side.

Bloodborne image
Credit: FromSoftware

Just like with every rumour, it’s best to reserve your excitement for an official announcement, or at least substantial affirming evidence. 

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